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Friday, June 16, 2006

Pity for Suicide Bombers

I had this on my Email Signature for a bit, but it started to feel a bit too pushy. Still, i think it's an important thought & wanted to preserve it.

Just for a moment - imagine how one must have to feel to be a suicide bomber. On one level, there is the thought that "these people" (ie aliens unlike "us") must be crazy, religiously deranged, etc. etc. Perhaps & no doubt there are some, even many that have this type of conviction.

But when the world is starting to see as many suicide bombers as we have. It seems to me there is at least one suicide bomber a day in Iraq. I had to wonder:

How wronged, powerless, and desperate would you have to feel to think that _blowing yourself up_ is the only way for your voice to be heard.

Sad thought no?