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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[CR] I like this Blog Thing

I'm getting to like Blogging. I'll do my best to avoid cluttering the airwaves, but I have to say - so far so good.

Hmm. Thoughts for today:

On Growth
Renewable Energy Work for Me
Barrie Zwicker & 9-11

I'll tackle the last two first, as they're quick ones.

Barrie Zwicker. The Great Conspiracy. It's the best of the films I've seen on what really happened at 9-11. If you're rolling your eyes - remember, i'm a bit of a flake, but i'm a pretty critically/skeptically minded flake. I think there is something to this stuff. You could watch the video & make up your own mind if you don't believe me.


Barrie Zwicker is a well respected Canadian journalist – he has done a lot of stuff on Vision TV, teaches a course at Ryerson (a University in Toronto) etc. I don’t know if he qualifies as mainstream, if not he's very close & he is well respected by the mainstream community. He also did a lot in “The End of Suburbia” a documentary on climate change that came out last year or so. In short – he’s good & he’s legit. No little green men & holograms here.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrie_Zwicker for some more info on Barrie.

and for some good written material on what really happened at 9-11 - try this wiki:


Now - about some Renewable Energy Work for me:

I've decided lately that I need to do more work - one always wants more money, but I'm definitely in the place now where I need more immediate cash-flow. Renewable energy is my passion & i have business in it - www.affinityconsulting.ca - but i've been taking it slow & letting contacts develop while I have been trying to build my cash-flow computer business. Unfortunately the computer business isn't working out as well as I'd hoped on the money side of things & I do find the work quite tiresome sometimes. Fixing computers is one of those things i've always been able to do, but never really enjoyed doing it - or at least when i do or have it's in small doses.

So i need to get some more regular financial income going, preferably not fixing computers. I'm going to start pushing Affinity Consulting a bit more agressively. What I would really love would be to start teaching some courses in it with Malaspina. It's a dream, but it's not totally unrealistic, and it is after all important to have dreams.

Oh yeah - on Growth. I think i might save that for another entry.