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Friday, April 15, 2022

Get Rain Pants

In recent years, I've embraced rain pants.  🌧🙃

Nearing 50 years old, I'm not sure why I resisted them. Mostly a mix of these reasons:

  • Too much hassle to put on
  • Kind of ugly/not fashionable
  • Makes swishing sound

Now that I have a 4 year old, and life goes much more smoothly outside, I've taught myself that wearing them is so much more easy, freeing, and in fact - fun.  I wish I'd gotten over myself earlier in life and worn them more often.  Here are some reasons it's great to have them on.  In summary, FREEDOM:

  • Sitting on wet benches or anything wet is not longer a barrier
  • It rains here.  A LOT.  My legs stay dry. (Wow - who woulda thunk it).  "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing"
  • Overall I'm just more free to be out in whatever weather.
  • A wet bicycle seat isn't a barrier.  No need to wrap it in an ugly pastic bag.
Simple enough, and admittedly I sometimes hesitate whether to put them on or not. I've taught myself to just put them on most of the time whenever there is dew on the grass, or anytime it isn't summer (so Oct to Apr pretty much)

Throw in a pair of more comfortable rubber boots, (and of course a rain coat) and rain is no longer a barrier. I'm more free to be out in it & simple as that sounds - it's wonderful.

Below are some recommendations for rainpants, and a bonus link to the low-cut rubber boots I have found fantastic for almost all weather, and for biking long distances on my ebike.

In summary:  Get Rain Pants!  🌧🙃

Note: I live in North Vancouver, BC - and so am used to a LOT of rain each year.  Even places where it snows more than rains, I think rainpants will still deliver a lot of freedom in the shoulder seasons - Oct to Dec, and Mar to May (for the northern hemisphere)

Also - these are not affiliate links.  (Maybe I should work on that...!)


Helly Hansen - Moss Rain Pants$50 CAD.  
Solid, effective, fully waterproof. 
Not always flattering.

MEC Drencher Rain-PantsMEC Drencher Rain-Pants 
($50 to $90 CAD)
The ones I use for everyday wear & ebiking in serious rain.

($80 to $160 CAD)
A $30 version is available at Mark's Work wearhouse, but I prefer the look & grip on these.