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Monday, January 02, 2012

How I Solved the Tupperware Problem

I like to use reusable containers a lot because it's greener than saran wrap & ziploc bags for storing left-overs and taking my lunch to work. One thing that can drive me a bit nuts however is trying to figure out what lids go with what container in a drawer of mismatched tupperware. A few years ago I hit upon a solution that works well for me and I thought it was worth sharing.

It's not complicated nor rocket science, but I think that is one of the strengths of my approach.  Basically I buy only 3 types of container, 2 of which share a common lid type.  At right is a picture of my set of tupperware.

Where it takes a bit of work is in the discipline.  I refuse to buy variety packs with 10 different container sizes with a different lid type for each - in fact I would regift them if I were given one.

When I wind up with an unclaimed container that isn't mine, I refuse to include it my set - it can get used for something completely different or better - I have a greater incentive to return it to the original owner.  I know it sounds a little pedantic, but for me - it's worth it to not have to waste time and brain-cycles searching for lids.

That's it - I hope you find that useful. Let me know in the comments if you choose to adopt this approach too.