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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

One of the curators of TED Talks - Chris Anderson, has identified something he calls "Crowd Accelerated Innovation" and how it is being turbo-charged by online video sites like YouTube. I think he is really on to something.

His doppleganger - the editor of wired magazine Chris Anderson - wrote it up in a well written article in wired, (click that link to see it) - in fact I found better it better than the actual TED talk.

It refers to a video about "The LXD" - The League of Extraordinary dancers - which is worth watching for the sake of marvelling at what the human body can do.

If want to watch the original TED Talk where the subject is introduced, it is here. Don't get me wrong - it's worth watching, I was just surprised to find the wired article better than the original source material.