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Friday, August 04, 2006

Crazy-but-Good Movie: "Paradise Now"

Wow. Just saw "Paradise Now" a movie about two palestinian men who are suicide bombers.

A heavy, but ultimately good movie. Interesting on so many levels & topical to my "Pity for Suicide Bombers" post in June. The story is of two friends who live in Palestine & who are called upon to perform a suicide mission. It basically recounts their lives from just before they are notified, to - well i don't want to give the whole plot line away, so i'll stop there. The film is extremely well done - the actors are so convincing you can taste their emotions. The cinematography was beautiful, the plot was superb too. Not sure if it was a particular true story, or if it was just a representative dramatization, but I am sure that it was excellent.

A terrible subject, not to mention depressing, but so well done & so worth seeing - particularly for us North American/Western World types.